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If there's anything we learnt from this throwback prank, it's not to expose your fears to Darren "Whackhead" Simpson!

Acting as a concerned mall manager, the jokester calls up a store and tells the shop assistant that there are snakes on the loose.

The pet shop received a delivery of six venomous snakes from Australia. Unfortunately, the container overturned and now all the snakes are missing in the mall.

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Because the pet shop is connected to the shop assistant's store, Whackhead Simpson tells her that it's likely that they're close by.

At this point, the assistant is terrified — You have to listen to her reaction!


Whackhead Simpson obviously capitalises on this fear and tells her to watch out for black mambas, green mambas and a spitting cobra.

The poor store worker's reaction is exactly as you imagine it: absolutely petrified... But it makes for a hilarious prank!

Listen below for some laughs!

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