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Nicknames can be sweet terms of endearment we give our kids or loved ones. But sometimes they stem from unlucky circumstances.

Like EB Inglis for example. He says that while in varsity, he was given the nickname 'Kudu' because of the shirt he was wearing.

The Kfm lunchtime host wanted to find out from listeners if they have an unfortunate nickname that stuck with them for life.

Her name is Madison, her friends later called her medicine, then they called her medisyne and then she got the name Panado.

Kfm Listener

My name is Llewelyn, and growing up kids used to call me 'Louis the fly' because of that stupid Doom ad.

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My name is Nadine and when I was much younger... my brother and I watched Robin Hood Men in Tights... they didn't use the word 'toilet' they used the word 'latrine' and his been calling me Latrine ever since.

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Listen to more unfortunate nicknames in the audio below, and scroll down to our Facebook post to add your own

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