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What is a pink drink? No, we're not talking about a rosé or a cosmopolitan. Liezel van der Westhuizen is referring to the colour of sports drinks.

A study led by the Centre for Nutraceuticals in the University of Westminster wanted to assess the effect of drink colour on exercise performance.

Participants were asked on a treadmill for 30-minutes. They were instructed to rinse their mouths with either a pink artificially sweetened drink or a clear drink that was also artificially sweetened.

Both drinks were exactly the same, except for the colour.

Before they stepped on the treadmill, they were shown a video about the benefits of using a carbohydrate mouth-rinse and that the study was going to compare the differences between the two different drinks.

Researchers found that those who had consumed the pink drink increased their performance by roughly 4.4%.

Listen below to Liezel van der Westhuizen with CapeTalk's Africa Melane as they unpack more on the fascinating study.

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