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- Speedy, real name Harold Matlhaku, has just released his latest solo album 'The Gift' after reuniting with Bongo Maffin in 2019

- He joined Sara-Jayne King to talk about his career and shared some stories of the music legends who've crossed his path during his time in the music industry

He shot to fame as one-quarter of Kwaito group Bongo Maffin, and these days Soweto-born Harold Matlhaku or 'Speedy' to his fans is one of the most colourful and distinctly recognisable entertainment figures in South Africa.

After leaving the group in 1999 in one of the most talked-about music break-ups in South African music history he reunited with fellow members Thandiswa, Jah Seed, and Stoan in 2019 and the Maffin magic was born again.

But Speedy, an established solo artist in his own right has this month released his latest solo project - an album, called The Gift.

He joined Weekend Breakfast's Sara-Jayne King recently to talk about his incredible career and share some stories of the music legends who've crossed his path during his two decades in the music biz.

I went to Zindzi Mandela's house in Houghton and UTata (Nelson Mandela) and Michael Jackson was there...

Speedy, Bongo Maffin band member

The honourable uTata walks down and he says 'oh Harold Matlhaku, I used to work with your Grand-grand uncle'.

Speedy, Bongo Maffin band member

Then Michael (Jackson) walks in and everybody stops what they're doing...it was crazy!

Speedy, Bongo Maffin band member

At dinner, Michael says he doesn't eat on Sundays...he bought his own big bottle of orange juice

Speedy, Bongo Maffin band member

Zindzi asks him 'are you not going to eat Michael?' and he says 'no, on Sunday's I keep my body clean.

Speedy, Bongo Maffin band member

Speedy also shared details of his years-long friendship with former Dru Hill lead singer Sisqo, who he credits with helping him through a difficult time in his life.

2006 was a very challenging time for me, I was leaving a record label trying to figure out what I'm going to do...

Speedy, Bongo Maffin band member

I went to Sisqo's house in Maryland and he knew what I was going through and said stay here as long as you need to, just to get yourself together.

Speedy, Bongo Maffin band member

Speedy's latest album 'The Gift' is out now on all digital platforms.

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