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When your child throws a tantrum, it's easy for parents to scream at them to keep quiet.

Author and Coach Kerwin Rae says this is wrong. In these moments, children need parents to get down on one knee, and grab them, and bring them in, and just hold them and say, it’s going to be okay.

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Here’s what we need to understand as parents: kids are loud, they’re messy, they’re all over the place, they’re intense, and that’s the way they’re supposed to be. Kids are not supposed to be well-behaved.

Kerwin Rae

They’re supposed to come into this world and basically flail their arms and find out where the boundaries are. That’s what kids do. And our job as parents is to allow them to find those boundaries safely.

Kerwin Rae

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Sometimes it’s hard because kids come into this world and behave in ways that press our buttons because we see so much of ourselves in those children. What are kids need to do more than anything else is learn how to regulate.

Kerwin Rae

Most of you who don’t know how to regulate don’t know because your parents never demonstrated it to you.

Kerwin Rae

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