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The struggle for people living with food sensitivities and food allergies is real and unimaginable.

What are the food substitutes that one can use if they are allergic to any particular foods?

Nutritional therapist Nicci Robertson says there is a huge difference between food intolerance and food allergies.

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Many people have food sensitivities and they don't even know it. Sensitivies range from constant headaches, IBS, tummy aches and these symptoms can emerge over time.

Nicci Robertson, Nutritional therapist

This means you can eat foods and your immune system creates a sensitivity to but not show sysmptoms for ages, she says.

You can go through your whole life eating bananas for example and suddenly you get breakouts, but you don't put it back to bananas because you have been eating bananas your whole life.

Nicci Robertson, Nutritional therapist

She says a person can also develop a symptom immediately, like when a person is sensitive to sulfates in wines and get an immediate headache or a runny nose when they have a glass of wine.

A common cause to food sensitivity is a leaky gut, she adds.

Allergies on the other hand are life threatening medical emergencies, she says.

When you have a food allergy, a couple of things will happen, your lips will swell up, you will have trouble breathing and you will know that something is terribly wrong.

Nicci Robertson, Nutritional therapist

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