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Kfm listener turns to Animal Whisperer Hettie Ricter for answers about her pet cat's unruly behaviour.

Smelly was found as a tiny kitten on a fishing boat in the Mossel Bay harbour. His owner, Abby says that he attacks everyone and everything.

She joined EB Inglis and Animal Whisperer, Hettie Richter to find out if the behaviour stems from trauma.

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READ SMELLY's Story below

My Smelly Cat, yes, his name is Smelly, was found as a tiny kitten on a fishing boat in the Mossel Bay harbour. With him was another kitten his size and a bigger kitten from another litter (possibly another mom) as well as a tiny dead kitten.

When the fisherman opened the hatch where they were hiding, the mom cat ran away leaving these kittens. My sister took the kittens and hand-raised them all with a bottle. My smelly was the tiniest runt of the lot and was almost dead a few times.

My sister slept with the kittens in the lounge and woke up to feed them every 2 hours. Good news... they all survived and all got rehome. Smelly landed with us, a tiny black cat with black stripes - this is a real thing!

Anyway, he is almost 2 years old already and what a character! Now... the problem is that he is crazy (you can take the cat out of the harbour but you cant take the harbour out of the cat!).

He attacks everyone and everything. He is a little vicious, so vicious in fact that I no longer pet him and threaten him to not bite the hand that feeds him. However, he adores his 6-year-old human brother and it takes for him to attack him. Why is this? Could it be kittenhood trauma?

Watch below to find out what Hettie Richter had to say about Smelly.

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