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It came as a shock yesterday when it was announced that the latest unemployment rate stood at 34.4%.

Looking at this it means that just a little more than 1 out of every 3 South Africans are currently unemployed.

Eyewitness News reports that Stats SA also reported a rise of 186,000 or 5.9% in the number of discouraged work-seekers. The number of people who were not economically active for other reasons fell by 571,000 or 4.5% between the two quarters, leading to a net decrease of 386,000 in the not economically active population.

And while this could be a cause for concern, Carl Wastie decided to do something about it.

Carl tracked down two experts in the field of recruitment who gave some insight into the current trend in the job market.

First, he spoke to the Head of Data Insights at CareerJunction, Paul Byrne who shared some of the latest trends in the market.

He then spoke to Director at SisterAssist, Kendyll Solomons who gave listeners some great tips on how to make your CV stand out and how to deal with difficult questions during interviews.

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