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Kfm Mornings share sage advice from American TV personality, Judge Judy.

Judge Judy, real name, Judy Sheindlin says if you're not doing what you love to do, find something that you love to do.

And even if you can't make money from your passion, still do it, "something that gives you pure satisfaction is something that gives you confidence".

Find something that you're naturally good at, figure out how to make a living at it. And if you can't do it as a vocation... do it as an advocation.

Judge Judy

Do something spectacular for your soul.

Judge Judy

It's never too late. You can make it at any age.

Every stage of life can be an adventure. If you didn't make it in your twenties, you can make it in your 30s. If you didn't make it in your thirties, you can make it in your 40s. And if you didn't make it I your forties, you can make it in your 50s.

Judge Judy

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