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Certified Life Coach Lucia Dramat says passion is not something you discover it is something you develop.

It feels so good to have something you are passionate about but remember that passion is something you work at. Tracey Lange calls on certified Life Coach and Author of 21 Days in Full Bloom, Lucia Dramat to share her three tips to help you look at passion differently.

People so much pressure because they think that your passion is almost like a romantic comedy or a romance movie where ... your eyes meet across the room and in that moment it is love.

— Lucia Dramat

But it doesn't happen like that

It is something that you develop.

— Lucia Dramat

Lucia shares 3 tips for passion development

  • You need encouragement and exposure
  • Passion takes practice
  • Purpose amplifies passion

Don't feel like 'I didn't fall in love at first sight' that's fine, YOU develop it.

— Lucia Dramat

Listen to Tracey Lange's full conversation with Life Coach, Lucia Dramat below.

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