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Marketing directors the world over spend huge amounts of money hoping it will translate into positive awareness of chosen brands, notes advertising expert Andy Rice.

So wouldn't they be envious of one that that achieves huge levels of recognition thanks to brand recognition rather than brand investment?

Rice picks South Africa's Gift of the Givers for his weekly "hero" advertising rating because the NGO has managed to do just that.

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That is an extraordinary achievement and it may not even have been the purpose, more the unintentional strong brand. But it's there and everybody knows it.

Andy Rice, Branding and advertising expert

It's a wonderful brand, whether they see it as a brand or not. It is.

Andy Rice, Branding and advertising expert

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It's absolutely a worthy hero. You know how many people keep saying 'well, if only they were more involved in the running of the country just think how good we'd be'.

Andy Rice, Branding and advertising expert

It comes down to leadership and it comes down to example... If there is a problem, Imtiaz Sooliman sends somebody with a spanner or whatever it might be and it's sorted out in three days! South Africans are very proud to actually put money in a place where they believe it will be well-utilised.

Bruce Whitfield, The Money Show host

The efficient utilisation of infrastructure budgets is really an ambition that everybody has and they're the ones who seem to be fulfilling it.

Andy Rice, Branding and advertising expert

Listen to Rice's critiques on the Heroes and Zeros slot on The Money Show (Gift of the Givers at 7:06):

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : How Gift of the Givers attains huge 'brand' awareness with zero marketing budget

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