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Interesting stories come to light when Rameez Khan of Kfm Mornings visits the steps of courthouses across the Western Cape.

In this episode, he visits the Wynberg Magistrates' Court.

Messy Divorce

A woman explains that she's in the midst of a divorce. She felt that there was no longer a connection with her soon to be ex-husband. They were about to buy a house together, but she realised before signing the papers that she couldn't do a 20-year commitment and it was better for them to separate.

Mob Attack

It sounds like something out of a bad movie. A woman explains that she was mob attacked by 8 people and her car set on fire. She's laid a case of malicious damage of property and assault against her neighbours. The reason behind the attacks she says is that her neighbours were smuggling alcohol during the lockdown and as a result, unsavoury people were always loitering outside the house.

Listen to the stories in the audio clip below!

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