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The way you think determines where you go in life.

Steve Harvey says "We are all where we are today because we thought ourselves to this position."

And you get to decide every day if your thoughts are going to be negative or positive.

Steve Harvey on why you should stop the negative talk

Each half of your brain has millions of factory workers on each side. You got a million factory workers on the positive side, you got a million factory workers on the negative side.

At the forefront of each one of those factories in your brain is a foreman. You got foreman positive, and you got foreman negative.

YOU are in charge. You’re the boss of the factory. Guess what? We are how we think.

You can’t make a world, but you can make your own world. So now, since your brain is in to halves, let me show you how this works.

You wake up in the morning and you say “man, I don’t feel myself today. I got up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m not a morning person.”

Foreman negative hears that. He steps to the front. He says “what did you say”? You say “I said I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, I’m not myself I’m not a morning person."

He says “you got it right away.”

The boss just woke up and said he’s not a morning person, he’s having a bad day today, and he ain’t feeling himself. Let’s get to work.

The million factory workers start producing thoughts to justify what you just said.

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