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Certified Life Coach Lucia Dramat says negative questions look for negative answers.

If you say "What is wrong with me?" your mind is going to find many things wrong with you.

— Lucia Dramat

Instead of trying to find a solution from a negative standpoint, Lucia advises that you ask yourself, "What is my outcome here?".

You can ask yourself that while you're scrolling through social media... and it might stop you, let you put that phone down and get back to work or it might help you get to the point.

— Lucia Dramat

She suggests posing this question when you're in an argument with someone, in your job, in your relationship and even in friendships.

If you ask yourself that, immediately you can focus on what you want to do in that situation so you can move away from wasting time and unnecessary drama.

— Lucia Dramat

Listen to Lucia Dramat with Tracey Lange in the audio clip below.

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