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EB Inglis sorts out your weekend binge-watching with a compelling biographical legal drama starring Michael B Jordan and Jamie Foxx, a basketball redemption drama with J.Lo's man Ben Affleck and an intimate look inside the life of gifted tennis player, Naomi Osaka.

Just Mercy on Showmax

Michael B Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson star in this intense drama based on the memoir by Bryan Stevenson.

It tells the true story of Walter McMillan, played by Foxx, who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to death.

It is up to his young defence attorney, played by Jordan to overturn that conviction.

You can enjoy these amazing performances now on Showmax.

Watch the trailer below

The Way Back on Showmax

Ben Affleck plays Jack Cunningham who had a bright future ahead of him as a high school basketball star but decided to walk away from the game and this leads him down a path of alcohol abuse and depression.

Years later, he reluctantly accepts the job as coach of the struggling basketball team at his alma mater and this could be his shot at redemption.

This drama is now available to stream when you find your way back to Showmax.

Watch the trailer below

Naomi Osaka on Netflix

This limited series follows the four-time grand slam winner over the course of two years.

It takes a closer look at where she’s come from, how far she’s come, the sacrifices she’s had to make along the way and how she’s had to draw on her inner strength, inspired by family in order to overcome.

This 3-part docuseries is now on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below

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