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CAPE TOWN - COVID-19 vaccine registration for people 35 to 49-years-old has opened on Thursday.

The National Department of Health said inoculations for this section would be administered from 1 August.

More than four million COVID-19 vaccine shots have so far been administered in the country.

Government has set a target of close to 12 million people to vaccinate in this age-group. The department's deputy director general Dr Nicholas Crisp said the Electronic Vaccine Data System was ready to receive this section's registrations.

“The same way as everybody else has done so far, by going onto one of the portals and registering their ID number and entering the medical aid details and all the other questions that are asked on the registration,” he said.

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Crisp said due to security concerns for staff and the public, the vaccination programme had to be temporarily paused in areas where riots were playing out.

“That will have to remain suspended, but in the rest of the country, it's full steam ahead. Public and private sectors have geared up their vaccinations, they want more, they're ready to vaccinate people,” Crisp said.

Officials have urged would-be vaccine recipients to make way for older people, still waiting in the queue for their jab.


The vaccination roll-out programme in the basic education sector has officially come to an end - vaccinating more than 500 thousand people. The roll-out kicked off on the 23rd of last month and concluded yesterday. The initial target was 582 thousand teachers and staff.

Basic Education Angie Motshekga says 80% of staff in the sector have been vaccinated.

“We obviously didn't expect 100%, I was really gunning for 80%. And, to be told we hit 80%, I can't ask for more,”the minister said.

The minister said even though the programme has concluded in the sector, those who could not make it to the vaccination sites for various reasons are still going to get help.

She adds educators and staff will benefit from the nationwide campaign and is urging them to get vaccinated.

“When we reopen schools, there's going to be no time off to say, I still need to be vaccinated, so I hope they really use this period,” she added.

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This article first appeared on EWN : Vaccine registration opens for people aged 35 to 49

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