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Is your car spotless or more of a chaotic mess? EB Inglis shared a story about a high school teacher who no one would take a lift with because her car was so dirty.

"I'm talking about papers, hockey balls, dirty coffee mugs, you name it, you found it in her car."

He called on Kfm listeners to share their messy car woes and one story, in particular, had our mouths hanging open in disbelief.

Tamara says when she was working at a school, she was sent to the shops one day to buy some milk. When she arrived back, the ground staff unloaded the bottles from her backseat.

A few days later she noticed a weird smell and took the car to the dealer to check the aircon but nothing was wrong with it.

The stench worsened and to make matters worse, there were flies in the car. But still, she couldn't figure out what was happening.

One day, while au-pairing, she was dropping her girls at an appointment and as they climbed out of the car, Tamara looked back and started screaming.

There were maggots everywhere! And that's when she discovered a bottle of milk underneath her seat.

It was so bad that when the car was cleaned, the seats had to be removed and a portion of the floor mat cut out.

Listen below for more messy car stories and scroll down to our Facebook post to add your comments.

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