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A local music production company called Hitchat Entertainment focused on empowering talent from townships and disadvantaged communities, has officially launched a new T-pop girl band: 4IAM.

Having auditioned and gone through a rigorous selection process, 4IAM consists of Annie, PHX, Doli, Grace, Giselle and Nokwanda.

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The six-women powerhouse is re-writing what it means to be a “girl band” in South Africa, with their genre-redefining sound of T-Pop, short for Township Pop. The band name 4IAM is an acronym for the 4th Industrial Age Music.

On Friday, 18 June 2021, they dropped their inaugural single – ‘Legends’ – and Carl Wastie gave all 6 ladies a call the very next day on the multiple-award-winning chart show.

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Listen to the interview in audio below:

Listen to their single, ‘Legends’:

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