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Using family dinners to teach your children about politics

Kfm Mornings provide food for thought in this edition of Monday Motivation

Dinner time is an opportunity for families to bond with each other, especially after a long day at work or school.

In her TED Talk, Libyan human rights advocate, Hajer Sharief offers a new way for families to use this time.

She talks about an invaluable weekly practice from her childhood called "Friday Democracy Meetings."

Every week at 7pm, family members would gather to discuss current family affairs.

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Here is a quote from Hajer Sharief's speech taken from the TED Talk website:

These meetings had two rules. First, you are allowed to speak open and freely. Us kids were allowed to criticize our parents without that being considered disrespectful or rude. Second rule was the Chatham House rule, meaning whatever is said in the meeting stays in the meeting.

Sharief goes on to say, "I'm worried that the idea of politics and political engagement has become so polarized in many parts of the world that ordinary people feel, in order for them to participate in politics, they need to be outspoken activists, and that is not true,"

"I want to ask these young people, women and ordinary people in general: Can you really afford not to be interested or not to participate in politics?"

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Listen to the edit aired on Kfm Mornings below. Scroll down to watch Hajer Sharief's full TED Talk video

Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

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