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Swedish DJ Galantis, superstar French DJ/producer David Guetta and global pop superstars Little Mix have joined forces for a new single “Heartbreak Anthem”.

Contrary to its title, this dance track is not a heartbreak anthem as Little Mix sings, "I don't care what happened/But I ain't got no time to dwell on it."

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We’ve been working on ‘Heartbreak Anthem’ for over a year now! It started with just the chord progression at a studio in London right before the pandemic. As many collaborations have gone in these times, it was a remote work in progress for months, with stems sent back and forth from London to Los Angeles to Stockholm to Paris. We’d been talking with David about working together for a long time, and having Little Mix and their unique, strong vocals has made this one really special. Feels great to finally get this out into the world!

Christian Karlsson (Galantis)

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Image Credit: YouTube/Galantis

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