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EB Inglis shares his pick of shows worth watching on your favourite streaming services.

On the menu this week: A powerful documentary about the legendary Shaleen Surtie-Richards, a crime drama and comedy-drama starring Kevin Hart.

Check out three suggestions

Shaleen Surtie Richards – I Am Who I Am

Shaleen Surtie-Richards was known to many as your favourite TV aunt and on the 7th of June, she sadly passed away.

She played some iconic roles from her performance in Fiela Se Kind to Nenna in Egoli and this documentary looks back on her life as Aunty Shaleen shares some of that history in her own words.

Watch the trailer below

Richard Jewell

Based on real-life events and directed by Clint Eastwood, this film tells the story of the security guard who became a hero after finding the explosive device at the 1996 Atlanta bombing, but then became the FBI’s number one suspect.

His life is turned upside down even further due to the trial by the media and the court of public opinion.

Watch this gripping drama on Showmax.

Watch the trailer below


Inspired by a true story, Kevin Hart plays a man who lost his wife and must now raise their baby daughter on his own.

He is completely out of his depth but determined to figure it out and be the best dad he can be. In this sweet but hilarious film, Kevin Hart still does what Kevin Hart does by having us in stitches, but he also shows a more serious side.

Available to stream on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below

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Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

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