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Lucia Dramat, a Certified Life Coach shares her one tip to the life you want on Tracey Lange's Mid-Morning show.

It may sound like an infomercial but it's not!

If you understand this one thing, it will really help you to make the change that you want to make.

Lucia Dramat, certified Life Coach and Author

Lucia explains that if you look around you, everything has an operating system, "from your phone, your computer to even the traffic lights,"

"You as a human being also have an operating system — it's called your mind and it is very powerful,"

Like these computer systems, you have to feed yourself with information and experiences. What you feed your mind affects how you process information and how you process the world.

If you can understand that if your mind is processing things in a specific way, it maybe needs some new information to start processing things in a different way.

Lucia Dramat, certified Life Coach and Author

"If you want to change, you have to feed your mind with the type of thoughts and information that is going to enable you to see life in a different way."

Listen to Lucia Dramat with Tracey Lange in the audio clip below.

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