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There is a reason your workout regiment should have different intensities, resident fitness enthusiast Liezel van der Westhuizen turns to David Leith from the Sports Science Institute of South Africa for answers.

Active recovery is often used by athletes following any high intensity and/or damaging exercise session as a means to increase the rate of recovery and allow for improved performance in subsequent sessions

David Leith

This may take the form of any easy low-intensity movement for example stationary cycling, walking, a light swim, a yoga session and/or a massage or self-massage using a foam roller.

David Leith

This is often done immediately after the session or later on on the same day.

David Leith

Leith adds that the benefits of active recovery are to improve blood flow which helps to flush out metabolic byproducts that accumulate from high-intensity exercise.

This allows the body to restore PH balance and homeostasis more rapidly and helps with reducing stiffness, tightness and perceived muscle soreness.

For more on Active Recovery, listen to Liezel van der Westhuizen in conversation with CapeTalk's Africa Melane in the audio below.

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Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

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