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The colder weather is the perfect excuse to be glued to your couch this weekend. Grab your blanket and get check out these three shows recommended by Kfm lunchtime host, EB Inglis.

Mare of Easttown

Emmy and Academy Award winner, Kate Winslet stars in this limited series in which she plays Mare Sheehan, a former high school basketball hero who now works as a detective in her small hometown.

While having to deal with her own life’s struggles, she must also investigate the murder of a young girl that has rocked her community.

Available to stream on Showmax.

Watch the trailer below

Wish Dragon

In this sweet, animated feature, a clumsy yet determined teenager, Din, longs to rekindle a childhood friendship and finally stumbles on the opportunity to do just that when he discovers a teapot containing a magical dragon with the ability to grant wishes.

Join the adventure right now on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below


Finally, a movie insomniacs can relate to.

A global event causes pandemonium as it wipes out all electronics and humans lose their ability to sleep. Sleep deprivation is dangerous.

After a couple of days, you’ll experience disorientation, hallucinations and then hysteria. And even though that sounds like a typical Saturday night for some, it’s not fun for the characters in this movie so don’t sleep on it.

Available to stream on Netflix.

Watch the trailer below

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