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Size is not the only factor that should determine your running shoe choices.

Resident fitness enthusiast Liezel van der Westhuizen joins CapeTalk's Africa Melane with advice for finding a running shoe that suits you.

To get started, long-distance runner and Comrades Marathon multi-gold medalist Prodigal Khumalo shares his expert tips.

Look at your arch

If you have a high arch, normally you are a neutral runner so you don't need support on the shoe. If you've got a flat arch... you need support on the shoe, it means you're pronate, you need a stability shoe

Prodigal Khumalo

Trail vs road running

Don't use road shoes for trail running... trail shoes are made stronger on top and the grip underneath is meant to run off the road, climbing, crossing rivers... if you use trail shoes on the road, you can nd up getting injured because the cushioning is not meant for road running

Prodigal Khumalo

For more tips on finding the right running shoe for you, listen to the audio clip below.

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Picture: © lzflzf/123rf.com

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