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  • The twin sisters were swimming in Mexico when one was dragged underwater by a crocodile

  • Quick thinking Georgia punched the reptile which was throwing her sister around like a 'ragdoll'

A British woman has survived a terrifying attack by a crocodile thanks to the quick thinking and brave actions of her twin sister.

Georgia and Melissa Laurie were swimming in a lagoon in Mexico when Melissa was dragged under the water.

The first she knew about this was when her sister was dragged underwater...then realising a crocodile has got hold of her twin sister.

Adam Gilchrist, UK Correspondent

The twin's other sister Hana told the BBC that 'Melissa was thrown about like a "rag doll" by the crocodile.'

Quick thinking Georgia punched the reptile in an attempt to get it to release her sibling.

"She dragged her back as the crocodile kept coming back for more - so she just started hitting it" says Hana.

The sister is in an induced coma because they are worried about infections from the crocodile bite, and from the state of the water.

Adam Gilchrist, UK Correspondent

The siblings, from Berkshire in England had been carrying out volunteering work while travelling in Mexico.

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