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If you are looking for gentle physical exercise, resident fitness enthusiast Liezel van der Westhuizen explores Tai Chi — and no, it's not just for old people!

Certified Tai Chi instructor, Martina Hellweg explains that Tai Chi is an internal martial art practice.

We apply slow internal movements and activate our energy flow to release blockages in our body.

Martina Hellweg, Certified Tai Chi Instructor

Practising Tai Chi helps us calm our mind, balance our emotions, increase our energy levels, improve inner strength and our overall health.

Martina Hellweg, Certified Tai Chi Instructor

This ancient Chinese practice entails sequences of controlled movements performed in a slow manner and combined with deep breathing and relaxation.

Find out how you can stretch out with this ancient Chinese workout in the audio below. Liezel van der Westhuizen is joined by CapeTalk's Africa Melane.

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Photo by Monica Leonardi on Unsplash

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