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Hit the road running this week with Lucia Dramat's tips for higher performance.

"When we perform at a higher level, we get better results"

Tip 1 - Seek Clarity

"You need some goals, if you don't know what your goals are, you go to work just to do the job just to go home... you're not going to reach high performance"

"If you have goals — I'm going to have 50 sales calls today — that is what I am going to do... And you push yourself because you have a target, then you actually have something that you are working towards"

Tip 2 - Increase the necessity

"You have to raise the urgency because if we don't feel like this is something that I need to do... then we say, let's try next week... so we really have to make it important to be done"

"People that are driven are not nonchalant. They are urgent, they are serious about it"

Tip 3 - Demonstrate Courage

"It doesn't mean because you are a high performer that you are not afraid"

"You still get nervous, you still get scared, you still get worried... but you do your best"

Listen to Lucia Dramat's full chat with Tracey Lange below.

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