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Two local South African musos released tracks using animal sounds as part of the mix.

Music producer Thozi says 'I made this mix in literally 5 minutes, people on TikTok love it so I uploaded it to YouTube.'

'Now we can actually tolerate this sound' of the often annoying birds says one fan while another suggested 'adding a chorus of guinea fowl and those damn Egyptian geese, as well.'

Listen to the track in the video below:

The Kiffness posted his new track saying it is 'My most ambitious internet collab to date 😺🎵 Alugalug Cat X The Kiffness (Soulful Singing Cat Remix)'

Fans loved it saying their dogs went barking mad while another said 'Bro this song made my cat go crazy, she started biting me.'

There were those who insisted his cat was stressed by the experience and they were clearly not happy. 'Rubbish the cat is stressed!! You laughing and making a song out of his misery!!' insisted a Facebooker.

Which of these remixes do you think works better, Barbara Friedman asks Lester and listeners on Barbs Wire below:

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [LISTEN] Which remix works better? The Hadeda Song or Alugalug Cat X?

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