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After admitting to his listeners that he has an unusual fear of closing his eyes in the shower, EB Inglis asked listeners to confess their own weird fears.

Here are 7 of our favourite responses. Scroll down for the full audio and to share your bizarre fears on our Facebook post.

1. "Not having curtains closed properly at night, the fear is catching someone looking at me from outside." - Egraine Hoffman

2. "Sitting on the toilet without seeing the inside of the toilet first scared of an insect or snake that is going to bite me while I’m sitting down." - Johané Momberg

3. "I am terrified of feet.... Yes. Feet. My irrational phobia. I have literal panic attacks when someone feet are too close to me." - Stephanie Jdm Glover

4. "I can't sleep with my arms or legs over the mattress just in case something touches me from under the bed." - Jade Holt

5. "Plastic/artificial flowers and plants.....if you have them in your house I will not enter." - Antonio Amanda De Klerk

6. "I don't like to drive near or behind a hearse" - Kfm Listener

7. "When I'm driving at night, I'm really scared to look in the review mirror just in case I might see that there's somebody sitting at the back of the car." - Kfm Listener

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