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We've all heard about pregnant women and their wacky cravings.

Katy Perry says that she craved spice so she carried Tabasco sauce in her purse while Marey Carey couldn't get enough of toffee apples.

EB Inglis reveals that his wife's go-to was caramel and banana pancakes with their daughter and watermelon with their son.

Here's what listeners had to say on the topic.

I would eat a pocket of 10kg naartjies every week but the downside to that was I had the worst heartburn through my pregnancy and my hands were completely orange.

Kfm Listener

I had a craving for Marie biscuits, condensed milk and chocolate. Mix it all up and eat that.

Kfm Listener

My partners pregnancy craving was pickles with mustard sauce and rice

Kfm Listener

When my mom was pregnant with my brother, she used to crave clay and if there was no clay available she would eat dirt ... actual dirt.

Kfm Listener

Listen below to all the listener responses and scroll down to share your odd pregnancy cravings.

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