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Since 2020, South Africa's Little Hippo Heroes haven’t just had to fight boredom, they’ve had to battle a global pandemic too!

That is why insurer Hippo called out to parents, siblings and guardians to share how brave their little heroes have been during the lockdown.

The response was enormous... and because good deeds can inspire others, we invite you to spend time with the Little Hippo Hero stories from our winner's list below... even better, share them with your friends!

60 Years Of Mini | 947


Shirley ann Annandale

  • My little gabby is now 5, but last year, she started at a new school last year only for lockdown to obviously mess with her routine. Before lockdown her teacher suggested a speech therapist because her speech was a little behind. We took her to a audiologist. Only to find out that she is hard of hearing and needed hearing aids. Long story short. After medical aid declining to assist we managed to get hearing aids. I the short 6 months of trying to play catch up. She is almost at par with her school friends. She has improved on a level that I can't explain and for that she will always been my little hero. (947 On-Air Winner)

Lesley Demetriou

  • It was a key suddenly turning in a lock, We tried to escape by watching tick tock. Your mind young enough to accept ‘new norms’, No school to go to - no uniforms. I watched you from my far away world, As your young life like a fern slowly unfurled. You didn’t blink an eye, just got in with living, Helping strangers with food and always giving. You helped my daughter accept this new time, By telling her ‘Mom, we will be just fine. Granny loves us both and we will see her soon’, As you danced around to this new tune. Tyler, my hero, my special grandson, You turned dreary days alone into days of fun. You see things with eyes too old to be yours, Seeing always the good and never the flaws. Such a wonderful child, my only grandson, Covid changed the world and who you’ve become. (CapeTalk On-Air Winner)

Tebogo Ntabanyane

  • My little 6-year-old boy has been such a champ. He has had to face quite a number of transitions (I as his mom lost my job and I am still job hunting, he had to change schools, his dad relocated to CT for work) and he has been brave in doing so. The process was hard but he developed resilience, learnt to confront emotions and constructively deal with his feelings, which I find quite mature for his age. As an only child and not being able to have playdates, friends over, he has found ways to keep himself entertained when I am preoccupied with other activities in and around the house. He has had a yearning to learn some skills as well during this lockdown - he makes the most amazing steamed bread (with secret ingredients); he is an enthusiastic baker. He voluntarily helps out (taking out the small dustbins from bedrooms and bathrooms, watering plants, making his own bed, tidying up after playing and best of all is my breakfast in bed on sat mornings (a fruit and 1biscuit on a plate). The little acts of love and being a hero fill my heart. His dad taught him how to play chess and because he needed a partner, he then taught me to play. We treasure our stay safe days (weekends), we have taken up many new interests (gaming, playing scrabble and imaginative play as transformers, or dinosaurs). I love my son to bits. He has voluntarily cleared baby toys and smaller clothes which we have shared with others who needed the gesture. He has become independent and assertive and the bravest of all - no more night light. Lockdown has had a lot of impact on me, but he continues to challenge me to become the best version of me, he is love and joy personified. I love our goofy moments. He always says that I am the "best mom" My response to him is that he makes it easy by being the best son. I am actively co-parenting with his dad and if he won the limited-edition hippo toy and R2000.00, I would definitely use that for a flight ticket for him to go see and spend time with his dad in C.T because he absolutely deserves time to have fun in the sun and be a hero at the beach. And thank you for the opportunity to journal out my feelings for my little human and positively reflecting on the past year till now. (702 On-Air Winner)

Sonja Hoffman

  • In 2020 my started Grade 1 at a new school where he knew absolutely no one, he was bullied at his old school for being a dreamer a creative soul so we decided to break away and start afresh. In February 2020 he was diagnosed with ADD and started on ritalin, he was alone no friends made yet and now this. He started wearing glasses and this affected his confidence in support both my husband and I got glasses. Then one afternoon he ran to me in excitement, he made a friend, we were over the moon for him and then the friendship group got bigger he was so proud and then lockdown happened. He did schoolwork at home, had to see his parents worry and feel the financial impact as my husband lost his income, we decided to be open and explain what's going on, no more asking for this and that, explained how we have to make payment arrangements etc. My son never once asked for anything, he excelled at his schoolwork he did so well even the teacher wrote he is a different child. When level 3 was implemented my husband had to work, he started his own business just to be able to generate some income, my son had to come to work with me everyday, we made a bed under my work table, there he sat from 6am till 3pm daily, never complaining always smiling. This continued through 2020 till the 2021 school year started even through the December holidays. He kept himself busy as far as he could. I am so proud of him for understanding our situation, for knowing he hated coming to work and not being able to play and see friends, but accepting it and being the big, responsible and indepedant boy he is now. I am so proud, he is my rock, I look at him and I can't believe how he has taught me to love the little things and see beauty in all and everything. He started riding his bike without side wheels, that was a major confidence boost, he ended grade 1 with all 7's after he was told in first term they don't think he will do very well. And when making his first friend and now friends the proudness and love I am overwhelmed (KFM On-Air Winner)

Nicole Maritz

  • We adopted out little guy in 2019 and his transition from his foster mommy (now honorary Ouma) to us was a smooth ride until Covid Hit. All off a sudden Ouma was missing in action and for an adopted little guy at the age of 3 leaving his old mommy for his new mommy was tough. Although he had been with us for a year when Covid hit, Ouma was still part of his safety net - he was only adopted at the age of 2 by us, so a long transition period was necessary. But this little champion of mine just totally understood. I explained once: there's a little Corona Goggatjie outside and we can't see it but it can go in our mouth and nose and if we get sick and we give it to Ouma she can get very very sick. Out of his own....HE started explaining to ME why we can't see Ouma and that he is protecting her. And his story to himself and the logic that came with that even evolved: En ek kan Ouma net 'n drukkie op haar bene gee as ons haar weer mag sien, nê mamma" Cause that's how clever my little hero is. He is 4 now (had his bday in Oct last year) and now uses words like Social Distancing i.e.: Mamma, Ethan (his best friend) kan nie nou kom speel nie, want dis Lockdown, maar as Lockdown weer klaar is kan hy, maar Ethan weet nie hoe om te social distance nie Mamma, so ons sal ons maskers dra, Okay Mamma?, Kan Ethan dan kom speel as ons ons masker dra? The Logic is just amazing! The sense of responsibility is just amazing! As Spiderman’s Uncle Ben says. With Great Power (Knowledge) comes great Responsibility (Stay safe). I am super proud of my little Spiderman! (KFM Online Winner)

Mike Keth

  • We are extremely proud how our big man Blake has handled himself & dealt with the blows of 2020 & the pandemic. Not only did he struggle with the boredom, along with the rest of SA's little ones but he dealt with some significant loss & huge changes over the course of 2020 & early 2021. May saw us finally move into our home after being stuck in our old home due to lockdown & not being allowed to move yet, school was still being done via a weekly teams call to catch up with his peers & teacher. In June, just as school was reopened expecting to go back to school, mom & dad contracted Covid 19 so those plans were put on hold for a further 2 weeks, we never tested him & his little brother Ross, but it is highly likely they both contracted the virus as well, In October he lost his "Mimi" (granny) to a horrible car accident, aged just 58, she was his best friend, her biggest joy to date & some days he still battles with her not being around. In January, he lost his great granny. Loss, boredom & huge changes over the last few months have not been easy, but he soldiers on with a huge smile! It would seem that this little man of ours is just unstoppable, his spirit, joy & laughter fills our home daily. Big brother duties don't scare him either, loves to take care of his little bro. From both mom & dad, we just want to say we are so overjoyed & proud of this little man, tough as nails & we cannot have wished for a better big brother, words cannot fully describe how much we love you but as we always say, we love you stukkend my boy! Stay as amazing as you are & stop growing up so quickly!(KFM Online Winner)

Zaika Tajoodien

  • Sania Tajoodien my daughter age 9 years old is my hero . she has been threw hardship. the lost of my belated and only father she knew in her life two weeks befor our wedding. she loved ozzie like he was her father. her father never took time for her even if he lives few roads from her . she is a role modle to her brother that was only 1 year 1month old when ozzie past away. i as a mother was shocked of how she stood by me when all this happen . at the time she was only 5 years old. she will still know hold me when breaking out in tears if feel down and out. she is very understanding and i cant afford to give her what every girl will want but still she understand. if she goes to school and there is only mayo and bread she will be happy. if ther is no 5 rand for school she will be happy evens if kids will laugh at her for not having. she will always give me a hug and say mommy life may be hard now but i know ill make u proud and i will give you a big house. she makes toys for her brother and herself and she is always making yusri he brother laugh . what ever treat she may get no matter how small she share. at school she will tell me mommy i gave this one a slice of bread cause they never had. i feel bad as a mother if i cant always give her. my salary is 3890 a month and is the only bread winner . please help make her dream come true (KFM Online Winner)

Shameemah Johaar

  • Adam is 5 years old. His dad is assistant pharmacy manager at Medi clinic and has had to learn the hard facts about covid, and it's seriousness and how to avoid it, but even before the media hype. It is no more running straight into dads arms the second he gets home, but the routine had changed to sanitize, and he undress, and shower. Then physical hugs, but not if dad's colleague has been exposed, but then it's extra caution. If you living in a tiny one bedroom apartment didnt make it easy. He also became a big brother in 2019 and had to adjust to sharing parents who were already stressed with his sister. She was his toys and bed were no longer his own. 2021 and the school he was excited to go to, had to be changed because we found out we are expecting baby number 3. So we quickly had to change schools to a different district, and before even hunting for a home. Now Adam has started school in a whole new area, at the start of the second wave, while his parents are house hunting and trying to make schedules fit, he is traversing the pandemic and getting ready to welcome another baby. " next time" is all he hears when asking for a cheap new toy or an outing to the aquarium because lockdown levels have dropped yet the cash flow is a bit tight with the cost of our commuting, but housing, the renting and preparing for baby number 3. He never complains. He is well known by the petrol attendants and shop staff that we go to because he is always happy and has THE BEST manners. he takes it all in his stride and takes the role of big brother so seriously ane NEVER complains or throws a tantrum and i think if any kid deserves a bit of a spoil, he its this boy. He is also an avid breakfast show listener on KFM and doesn't make a peep during the quizz 😂 please KFM and Hippo team, and consider little Adam Johaar, but he is amazing. (KFM Online Winner)

Pheladi Mahlangu

  • My son is an outgoing person at his age 7. He likes playing with his friends going out for movies but with the first pandemic it was very difficult for him to be quarantine him at home. We play games and I had to let him out the house for an hour to roam around the yard for an hour at list. He started understanding and try help me out with the home chores washing dishes and wipe the floors. He is my hero as he tried to adjust to the situation thought at first was SO SO DIFICULT (947 Online Winner)

Ancy Archary

  • My daughter had the most challenging matric year, 2020 was a year she was not mobile for 4 months, not knowing if she walk again, missing her school days during a pademic. Not able to write her september exams. After been so ill, she wrote her finals and got 3 A's . It was not easy for to catch up with school work but she tried. With so much pain, tears she is back on her feet now tutoring maths online to grade 8 9,10 kids. (CapeTalk Online Winner)


Nomaswazi Gumede

  • My little hero is my neighbours daughter Rendani.She is such a pleasure to have around.Despite lockdown and the pandemic, Rendani has remained positive, kept her school marks up and is still the top student in ger class and I am happy and blessed to have had the opportunity to help her with extra maths,she was such a pleasure to help .I am very fond of her and I know she would love the Hippo toy,it would make her happy and her mom would appreciate It too, they are like family to me now (947 On-Air Winner)

Ashlea Myson

  • My little gabby is now 5, but last year, she started at a new school last year only for lockdown to obviously mess with her routine. Before lockdown her teacher suggested a speech therapist because her speech was a little behind. We took her to a audiologist. Only to find out that she is hard of hearing and needed hearing aids. Long story short. After medical aid declining to assist we managed to get hearing aids. I the short 6 months of trying to play catch up. She is almost at par with her school friends. She has improved on a level that I can't explain and for that she will always been my little hero (CapeTalk On-Air Winner)

Musa Moeketsi

  • My little Hippo Hero is my daughter, Minenhle. She's 12yrs old and so selfless. During lockdown, she volunteered to help me with chores while I work and help her little brother with his homework. She did it so well that her brother became the best reader in Grade R! I'm so proud of her cause in the process she managed to pass with 4 distinctions. She encouraged me to get back into working out so it can ease my stress, considering I'm a working single mom. She's really one of a kind and truly my biggest hero. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. I really got the best! (702 On-Air Winner)

Ilze Basson

  • My little Hippo Hero is now 4 years old. He was just diagnosed with Autism. He is such an incredible little guy with a smile that melts your heart. He has such a long road ahead and he tries his very best to understand his little word. He is a very positive, happy and playful boy. I prayed for so long and then I was blessed enough to receive this little angle. The struggle is real, but the love and joy he provides our family with is magical! I would love to spoil him with this adorable little Hippo Hero. He absolutely loves animals. He is very sensitive to seams and we struggle very hard to get him socks the he is comfortable with. So yesterday I bought him Hippo socks and he adores it. The hippo's make the progress of putting on socks on more bearable. This would really make him feel special. He is achieving so much and trying so hard with the everyday struggles. The neurologist also said we must take him out of school so now he is home until we can make the environment more comfortable for him. I really think this little guy can become his comfy, his go to person. The R2000 will also help a lot make is appointment at the Nero Diversity Centre, which we can't afford now. We just want the best for him and get him all the help and therapy he needs. With his potential he will change the world one day. He is a super bright little hero that never gives up and always ready for a new adventure. Keeping thumbs up for this one. This would really mean a lot to him and when you see that happiness in him you feel like a million dollars. Thank you for this super cute Hippo. I am one very proud mommy!!! (KFM On-Air Winner)

Clarine Pasha

  • My little Hippo Hero's name is Charis, during this pandemic she has grown up so much. she is only 11 years old and she helps prepping meals, hangs and folds laundry, does the dishes and so much more. she has literally become my right hand girl. i appreciate her so much and as full time working parents, we dont always have the chance to show our kids our appreciation. i always tell her "Charis, you are my person" but i doubt she realizes how much i mean it, coz the day she was born was the day i truly met my Bestie. love you so much my baby, from mommy (947 Online Winner)

Karen Otto

  • My little Hippo Hero is my grandson Diego. He is 7 years old and in Grade 2. We have a home of safety and he is surrounded by children who have suffered from trauma and come from hard places. He is the greatest "big brother to 4 other little boys and a little girl. He gladly shares his mom, grandparents, house, toys and pets them and is fiercely protective of them all. We have been operating for nearly 3 years and have had a few hard goodbyes to over 15 children in total. I am super proud of the effort on his behalf to make them feel loved, wanted and protected. He is homeschooled and doing really well. He is also quick to help out if oupa requires an extra hand and loves helping us feed the homeless when the need arises. (KFM Online Winner)

Melissa de Smidt

  • My little Hippo Hero is my son Malachi de Smidt. He is 6 years old, graduated Grade R last year despite the pandemic. Started Grade 1 this year, at a new school, with new rules and no friends. He only had me by his side on the first day and has been so strong. He also started a new aftercare program and new transport system, imagine his nerves. He is raised by myself (solo parent) and yet has been my strength for the last 6 and a half years. He has the sweetest and kindest heart, he will run through the house every morning to say good morning and wont sleep at night without saying goodnight to everyone (he will wake you up to do this too lol). He will not leave the house without say "I'm going, have a good day" and how do you not have a good day when it starts like that. When he was 5, he decided that instead of having a party, he will hand out cupcakes to homeless people, we managed to obtain over 300 cupcakes to hand out. Unfortunately he could not do it last year, and has decided that if a homeless or underprivileged child comes to the door, he will give them his toys. He honestly has the biggest heart, and I am so blessed to be called his mom. He has his days where I have to fight for school work to be done, and then he has days that he wants to complete ALL the work, there is no in between. He is my hero, he deserves more accolades then I can mention. He has gone through so much with me, and will always remind me that he loves me the most. (KFM Online Winner)

Hlompho Kgwedi

  • My little hippo hero is my youngest brother Thero. As the “laat lametjie” in the family he’s been an absolute sport. With schools closing down and lockdown being in place he’s had to learn to entertain himself. Going as far as involving our poor family pet dog in his daily shenanigans. Awarding him with the hippo toy and cash prize would make him the happiest 9 year old. As an avid lover of animals, who watches wild animal shows in a daily, he’s a walking animal encyclopaedia. Who can even imitate the sounds they make. The cash price would be used to surprise him with a game drive so he can actually see all these animals in action. I can just imagine all the fun facts he’ll be dishing out in the game drive. Please select us so I can make this dream come true.(702 Online Winner)

Sarah Mabilo 

  • I work night shift in the medical field and have an 8 year old daughter. She was used to running in the car  every morning when I come back from work and giving me hugs if she was not at school. She had to adjust to not touching mommy. Most of the time she would wait with a hand sanitizer to sanitize my hands when I got out of the car. The  moment  that really touched my heart is when she made me a cup of tea while I was taking a bath even though the tea was half full and luke warm it melted my heart and I enjoyed every sip because it was made with love... I would wake up during the day to find her watching tv with the sound so low she hardly could hear anything and she would just say she does not want to wake me up. I never thought she would understand how tiring my work was but my little hippo hero was just so sweet because she became My little helper around the house, cleaning around the house and making sure I have enough rest before going to face the pandemic. She just get excited about my off days because I get to give her all the attention I could not give her on my work nights. (702 Online Winner)

Claudette Pillay 

  • A friend who became family over time, has the most amazing little super hero, whose name is Zayvia Cora, but we now know her as Warrior Zay. In August 2019, Warrior Zay was diagnosed with Leukemia, at only 18 months old. I have watched them fight every battle, stand so strong as a family and win their war against this her illness. She Has been in remission for almost a year, but they have basically been in their own lock down for more than a year and a half. We haven't been able to see them, but the love this family has for each other, is absolutely remarkable. She has an older brother Kayden who she absolutely adores and he is a hero to her and we all love the way he loves his sister and takes care of her so well. Our Warrior Zay definitely deserves to screamed from the rooftops for smiling and winning through every challenge and bad day, amidst all she goes through during her maintenance phase, she still brings joy and laughter amidst her own struggles. No one I could think ogmf that deserves this more. She didn't have the "normal" toddler phase of life, but she is living and breathing proof than no matter what happens, always smile. Her Parents, Rishal and Preshnee are a super team together, their love created two beautiful children, and it's carried them through the toughest day. Shout out to our heroine #TeamWarriorZay (702 Online Winner)


Annelize Steyn

  • Hi there, actually I have two Hippo hero girls. We got divorced in 2018 and since then they have really been brave in trying to cope with the divorce as the relationship between their dad and myself have gone from bad to worse. They always brighten up my day by leaving me little love letters all over the house and sometimes surprises me with tea and cookies. I wish I could somehow make it better and think a gesture like this would brighten up their days (947 On-Air Winner)

Natasha Prince

  • I Nominate my son🌈Tyler Jayden Prince (young creative thinker)who just turned 10 years old on 14/1/2021 young boy. WHO LOVES #AddingSmilesToLives 🌼I would like to share some of the things that make Tyler Jayden Prince such an amazing young hero. Tyler has taken his own savings and bought essential goods and donated it to a homeless shelter. In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, Tyler had not stop saving our planet. He’s kept on recycling, of course wearing a mask and gloves. Early morning walks and doing his pick up. Tyler had motivated his family via zoom to keep recycling on their side. Tyler had also decided to enter he's teacher into a beautiful competition, whereby he nominated her and her teaching methods through this difficult times. And he's letter won! Tyler is a remarkable young hero and his school is super proud of him. Tyler also participated in online reviews for kids he's age group and that certainly brought laughts and smiles to young kids. Lastly, Tyler teamed up with a local company and managed to get a whopping 500 face shields for his entire school and all the teachers too. And provided over 200 educational reading books to reception and foundation classes. He also made a big donation with gifting Inceba projects in Bellville a basket full of baby toiletries, bag full of soft toys and diapers. He's generosity is overwhelming. He was involve in Worldcleanup day, whereby myself and the boys, hubby and their friends decided to clean up our parks in around our neighborhood 😌. As a eco family we pledge to take part in the WorldCleanup initiative. It was amazinggggggggg, we collected over 200 pet bottles and around 8 full bags full of recycled goods in our parks. Tyler dropped off some sweet treats at Durbanville Children's home in December 2020. He has collected breadtags and handed thousands of breadtags for wheelchairs. He has also taken some of his pocket monies to purchased some well deserving stationery to 4 students. Lastly, in February justHjust asias schooloschool started, he decided to give donate to the library. Winning this will be a dream come true for us as a family. ‪His selflessness, his honesty and his bravery. His love of healthy living & practicing eco friendly by saving the planet. He certainly have a heart of gold and I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if you could spoil and treat him. He deserves all the spoils and more. Recycling maestros https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/local/peoples-post/recycling-maestros-20200622 (CapeTalk On-Air Winner)

Vanessa Chitrai

  • My little hero is my niece; shes been a great source of strength during this depressing and dreary period in our lives. Seeing countless deaths and the intense sadness of those losing loved ones; my little one would come to me and say aunt can we pray to God to kill this virus and help the people who have no food. It gripped my heart and has been life altering as she would kneel down with me and say a prayer for the nations; we even started packing grocery hampers for families who lost their jobs. Seeing this little beautiful soul with such a huge heart and made me appreciate life and taught me that love is the greatest. I adore and love her for having so much of love and compassion as little as she is. She is our blessing and has pulled me out of depression in these times and into prayer and focusing on loving and caring for others more than yourself. (702 On-Air Winner)

Melanie Maritz

  • My little Hero is my 4 year old son Jandre. Last year Just before the pandemic started in 2 of march 2020 hê was admitted to icu worcester and was diagnosed with Diabetics type 1. Since then he was taking his insuline injections like a real Hero. His whole life had to change as well as ours. This year we put him in a school and hê is doing so good. His teacher May also inject him and his not even complaining. Hê is only 4 year old. And he is our big Hero!!!! (KFM On-Air Winner)

Thando Mthimkulu

  • My 9 year old daughter has been very patient and understanding through the lockdown. I lost my job and we had to give up our home. We've moved 4 times in the past year from aunts, to cousins to uncles homes and throughout she's been an amazing team mate and always trying to cheer me up and make the most of each situation. She's such a joy to be around and makes all the sacrifices worthwhile. She saves any money she gets or she buys something for both of us when she is given pocket money (947 Online Winner)

Claudine van Blerk

  • My Little Hippo Hero is my son last year March when the schools closed my boy went to my mom which would of been for just 2 weeks. The next day the country went into total lockdown. In April my Moms pitbull grabbed my son in his face leaving 4 very ugly holes and we couldn't get to him, the police said it wasnt a medical emergency. My son just wanted his mom and his dad but he stayed strong when we couldn't get to him. 44 days later in level 4 we could go get him. His face had ugly, red and infected marks and we had to get him to his Dr. She gave him anestheticia with a big needle in his nose and had to cut into his face and put stitches in. Being 4years old and with life changing marks that was sore also having to wear a mask over it wasnt easy. He had to go through a pandemic, not seeing his friends, a minor face operation, being attacked by a dog and not being with his parents all at the age of 4 and he aced it like the little fighter he is. Today he as adapted, changed and is such a strong, beautiful little boy. He is a real little Hero. (947 Online Winner)

Lauren Jonck

  • My little Hippo Hero is my son Ruben, he is 6years old and has problems with his ears and can hardly talk due to not hearing properly. We have taken him to different doctor's last week and this week for second opinions. Even though Ruben is struggling to communicate properly, he is such a friendly boy, always wanting to help other and has so much love to give. And thats why he is my Hippo Hero, i really look up to him, and i know alot of other people do too. (KFM OnLine Winner)

Ramoloko Kekana

  • My little Hippo Hero is my nephew Moruti, he is turning 7 in May. When the pandemic started we had to fetch my mother (his grandmother) from the villages to Johannesburg. My mother has arthritis and has lost some of her abilities to do things for herself. While I would be busy with house chores, he would remind my mother to take her medication, bring her the medication and help her divide them according to the time and dates. Remind her of the importance of washing hands regularly and sanitizing. The one thing that I appreciated about him as when he would take a board game to my mothers bedroom and play games with her when she could not get out of bed. My mother would also teach him some of the old games that we used to play when I was his age. For all that he did during the hard lockdown, I really appreciate and I am thankful for him (702 Online Winner)

Shamimah Lippert

  • My son zubair is 4 years old. He is a kid who wants to be all super heroes in 1. He has been brought up by myself and his step dad. He is such a lovable and bright young boy. At the age of 6month he was diagnosed with hypertension. He is currently on adult medication to control his high blood pressure. I've been forced to remove him from creche due to financial difficulties. His real dad does not support him however myself and my husband sees that he lacks nothing in life. Zubair has been brought up in the car scene, despite the stigma about stance cars which is not true. We as a family is known for doing charity. When lockdown started zubair missed doing charity runs and missed giving back to the community. Despite our financial difficulties we still tried to keep our little boy happy, we would drive around in less fortunate communities and hand out bread as we drove around with him this made him very happy. He has always asked when is the next charity and never wants to miss out anything. He always wants to physically assist as he says it makes him happy to see the other kids happy. The past weekend we were in Hout Bay, he was so happy handing out oranges to the kids. His exact words are always " mommy I did good today by feeding the kids, when we doing it again, it makes me super happy". Despite our financial difficulties, people would be suprised that there our nights that we as a family would eat peanut butter and bread or 2min noodles but zubair never ever complains because he knows there are kids out there who doesn't have. He wanted to know when we will be doing charity again. We save up just to fulfill his dreams of giving back evens if it means eating bread for supper. Thankfully we will be fulfilling his dream once again on the 14th March and will be feeding the kids of Pelican Park with a 100litre pot of food, on zubair's request I was asked to give chips this time to the kids as well. He cannot wait for this charity to happen. He is 1 of the most rarest kids i know to give back. He wants to share the little that he has with other kids. He has asked me for new toys but unfortunately or should I say fortunately zubair is understanding and knows that there is better use for the money and instead he would rather play with his old toys and have mommy save the money for the next charity. I know it wont stop here he will pester me until I tell him that we will be doing another charity after this 1. Please help zubair in giving back to the community. Please help zubair with a toy evens if its a small 1 just for him to feel special as well. (CapeTalk OnLine Winner)

Caroline Lock

  • My little 8 year old faced so many challenges as so many of us did due to the covid-19 pandemic. Firstly we had to move into a tiny flat due to financial strain and as part of this move her granny who had been living with us moved to her uncle's house. Lock down then resulted in no physical contact even though we were only a few km away. She also had to say good bye to her best Husky friend who she'd known and adored since the day she was born. Due to Cancer we had to have him put down the day before lock down and only 4 months later she had to say good bye to our rescue cat who we also had to have put down due to health complications. Being a single child with a full time working mommy Hannah had little to now attention each day of the week. Her grades slipped and the light in her eyes went out as she understood the concept of loneliness in a way that no child should. She witnessed her mommy break for a brief moment. Later on in the year she had to deal with heart breaking abandonment issues after receiving false hope and not for the first time in her 8 years of existence either. Her grades dropped dramatically and I was worried that she wasn't going to make it in more ways than 1. But Hannah is a fighter and she pulled through. She buckled down at the end of the year and passed with flying colours. Why I think that my little girl deserves to be seen as a hero is that despite all the challenges and heart ache that she has had to endure she came through on the other side of 2020 not only strong but happy and grateful. Despite her own pain she notices others who are suffering and she offers them unconditional love and compassion. She cares so deeply for others even if their problems seem small next to hers. During my time of need she got on with life and she helped mommy where she could. She saw my pain and anguish and she told me how beautiful I was and how much she loved me and that I was the best mommy ever even though I wasn't there for her as I should have been at that time. Don't get me started on her super enhanced covid-19 protocol regime, she rocked them from day 1. She understands her responsibility to protect our loved ones. Her greatest super hero power is that no matter what goes on around her she can still bow her head at night and thank the Lord for at least 3 blessings each night before she goes to sleep. My baby girl makes me so proud that my eyes fill with tears as I am so over whelmed at how blessed I am to know her. (CapeTalk OnLine Winner)


Carika Pretorius

  • Good morning guys, my little guy is so special. He is 5 years old. Over and above that he had to overcome all the boredom and missing his friends and school. I am an Infection Prevention and Control manager at one of the private hospitals in the city. Unfortunately with COVID being everywhere in the media, kids picks up a lot of information that you don't always realise, and at a stage he was very scared that i might die as he is very aware that i work in a hospital and that where "the germ" is.... so the one day when i got up for work, he came walking out of his room with his favourite teddy and a toy sword saying that he is coming with me to protect me from "the GERM" and that i should not be scared as he will protect me. He did drive with the one day just to drop me off, he very quickly looked at the security guard at the front door and asked him where his sword was, saying mommy how is he going to protect you and all of the other people if he does not have a sword?? He keeps looking for the "red germ" that is in all of the pictures, as to him it was supposed to be much bigger something we could see. It took us a while to explain how small and invisible this germ is. He is so protective and had to overcome not just the boredom and loneliness, he had to fight the fear of loosing his mommy. Luckily for us, our family is still healthy and strong. I do believe that he deserves recognition for being so incredibly brave! (947 On-Air Winner)

Themba Nkabinde

  • I lost my job during the beginning of the pandemic & when we were on a hard lockdown, I spent all my days with my 3 year old daughter since her mother is an essential worker. All that our daughter has learnt during this time is to stay at home, she would stay indoors with me & read to me (she loves reading by the way). She understood that we could only see her Gogo via video call & she even got used to that. When restrictions were lowered & she could finally go to daycare, she insisted on always wearing a face mask when we went to daycare. A beautiful thing that she's learnt during this time is the importance of giving to others who don't have, we always intentionally look for a friend or relative that we can help out during this tough period, even if it's just giving them a phone call. She always asks me every day, "Daddy, who are we calling today, just to say Hi." Most importantly, every night she reminds us of the importance of praying as a family before we sleep & it doesn't matter how tired we as her parents are, she will insist on us having the family prayer before we sleep. (CapeTalk On-Air Winner)

Mmaphutego Mokoena

  • My little Hero Boikgantsho on the 24th Of February 2021 18:13 I was so sick could not wake up on bed because I was pregnant and feeling pains on my womb and bleeding It was the 2 of us at home, it was raining and network coverage was bad for making calls I couldn't think of anything But because my child is So BRAVE she managed to go and call for my neighbor to come and take me to hospital,(I got a Miscarriage) That day made me realize that my kid is so brave and Clever and She Is only 5 years old I'm so proud of her because of how she thinks and how she helps me doing house chores after school I appreciate her a lot I wish she could grow up like this and never change. (702 On-Air Winner)

Colin Davids

  • My son is 3 years old his name is curtley , we were shopping one day nd while we busy gettin the stuff we need he asked his mom to get him a pie and an orange juice , when we were done paying he took out the juice nd the pie while we walking to the car , he went over to a lil boy sitting in the parking lot but the boy looked like he was hungry cause he was askin people for money when we stopped at the mall , so my son went over to him nd gave him the pie nd the juice , we were so amazed because it looked like he himself was hungry , nd everytime we at the mall he is lookin for that boy to give him something. (KFM On-Air Winner)

Celeste Caywood

  • Hello Hippo and 947 My son Caleb is 7 years old turning 8 on the 20th of March. He is in Grade 2. He is the sweetest child, brave and very understanding. He would always ask me how my day was and show concern. Thinking of him really puts a tear in my eye. Last year he couldn't celebrate his birthday with his friends because of the shocking news of going into lock down. During this lockdown period, times were tough with daddy’s pay cut, and it still is. So I am entering this competition for Caleb. If we win, I would like to use the money and give him a surprise birthday because he deserve it. I love him so much and I want to make this day very special for him. Thank you Hippo and 947 This shoutout is to Caleb my little brave heart. You are the sweetest child every mother could wish for. During the past year, you have really show me that you are brave and understanding. I love the way you wait for my in the door after work. I love your concern for me, I love it when you scratch my hair, I love it when you always want to help me with whatever I am busy with. I love your cute smiles and giggles. And yes, I also love bedtimes, when you would always run to sleep in my bed instead of yours. I love you Caleb, you are my world. (947 Online Winner)

Cameron Lombard

  • My youngest sister is my little Hippo Hero. She is grade 8 now started high school. Late last year my mom was tested positive for Covid 19. My sister could not help but think the worst and We had to reassure her that if she stays strong for our mom that our mom would make it through. She then started helping with in every aspect to show our mom that she is strong. My sister would help us make some home made medicine, she would help make food, clean the garden with me, clean the house, do the dishes, wash the clothes. Each and every night she would pray for strength to do even more to make our mom feel better. Until this day she still does so much even with going to high school, she still pushes through everything to help where she can to make sure our mom does not do too much after overcoming the Covid 19 virus. That is why my younger sister is my little Hippo Hero. (KFM Online Winner)

Jaco Oosthuizen

  • Our little girl Lianca was 7 when we moved to a new town one day before Lockdown we couldn't enroll her into her new school . So she was in no school so no school sended her covid homework we just went on in her old school books her work everday from 9 to 13h00 The worst part was she had her birthday in Lockdown so no present because we couldn't buy because it wasnt a essential product on that time so mom only baked her a cake She had to start a new school under covid rules with mask she couldn't like old times walk thru the school and meet her teacher before hand the next day the teacher came and fetch her from the lobby we couldn't walk with her to class she was brave we couldn't see a smile because of the mask she waved and left with her teacher but we could see the fear in her eyes that afternoon she came back very happy she made friends. The Teacher called and said she is a whole term behind in school work and she only have 1 month to catch up before exams she did it without any complaints and she passed her grade well without any problems. She always smiles cant wait to go to school we are so proud of her She was a joy to have during the covid period (KFM Online Winner)

Zamandosi Cele

  • My little Hippo Hero is my daughter Khwezi Cele. She is a bubbly 6 year old who is carrying me through this pandemic with her siblings. I salute my little one as she has had to understand that mommy is not like other mommies who could be with them home during pandemic as a nurse being in the frontline. She would say mommy just know I love you those words carry me through at work everyday. She has had to make her little sister who is a year old her best friend and has learned to be accommodating to the baby shark song cocomelon songs to please her baby sister when she would be cranky from being cooped up in the house. She has learned to share her time and and her play toys with her. I salute you babygirl. (702 Online Winner)

Viera Macheve

  • Her name is Shiluva and she is 6 years old having her in the house full time under lock down has changed how I mother her, growing up as a child you had to do what you were told or asked to do but in this case she has showed me that instead of command how about communicate in so doing I can sit there with her having a conversation her asking all sorts of questions. Lol my neighbor took a local taxi not a cab but a taxi and when she got Inside driver was not wearing a mask nor a seat belt and she asked the driver to put on his mask and sear belt because she didn't wanna get in to trouble with the police I find brave of her and we have both grown closer together during the pandamic. We always listened to President speaches and she was like mommy I think when I grom up I wanna be a Ramaphosa I want to make the world Corona free. This has made me realize the good that came out of the current situation. (702 Online Winner)

Mutheera Rademeyer

  • My little heroes name is Rayhana aged 9 she is my only daughter amongst 3 brothers,Since I started my soup kitchen she had been my personal assistant,From delivering meals to the elderly to peeling and cutting the veggies,Not only has she been top achiever since grade1 but very confidently assist kids attending our home work club with their school work,She is one to remind me where I've hidden things, Always keep her room tidy,what I admit the most about her is how she assists in caring for my aunt who suffers from schitsophrenia whom she shared a very special bond with,I thank the Almighty everyday for my Amazon daughter although I cannot grant her all get desires I do hope that we can win this compition so that I can finally get her a bike she has been longing for.. (CapeTalk Online Winner)


Ntebo Rachidi

  • On sundays Ntebo helps an NGO facility crèche for the orphans and children with cleaning,gardening,education and social welfare programmes as well as outreach work focused on health and education development and The Hippo toy , money will help us with stationery because support in helping a child read, gain comprehension skills, understand math concepts or even simply complete homework assignments can help remove barriers to success at school (947 On-Air Winner)

Tania Mosea

  • #MyHippo - My little Hippo hero is my nephew, his name is Hlumelo. He loves helping people with everything, I mean everything. If I'm busy in the garden he will join in, if I'm making supper he will offer to put dirt in a plastic & throw it away for me. He even accompanies me on my morning jogs mission. Aunty loves her little Hippo Hero to bits and pieces even though he asks too much questions most times. Aunty why must we go this way, aunty why is the door green, aunty why this and why that. lol. And he loves surprises, no matter how small they are, his super grateful so the shout out and win would blow his mind. (CapeTalk On-Air Winner)

Heleen Painter

  • Jana Marie holds a very special place in my heart. She turns 5 om the 18th of March. When she was about two years old, I got the news that I had melanoma. The specialist cut it out that I had to use a vav wound system because the wound was to big to close. Jana Marie would follow me ever where asking if Im ok. She went to the dr with me once, and wiggled a little finger at him and told him to not hurt my ouma. She would hold my hand while they cleaned my wound. It was so sore that sometimes I cried like a baby. And Jana would be there telling me ouma is ok. You are ok ouma. Her caring attitude and her sense of humor took me out of depression. She was there for me when I needed it most. There is a big scar on my anckle and she is fast to say "a shark bit my ouma" I love her heart and soul (702 On-Air Winner)

Tasneem Taliep

  • My daughter Basheerah Taliep is my brave little hippo hero.. She has been tremendously patient and careful through this whole pandemic..she has been my rock through it all as she also has a one years old little sister. Through the pandemic I had Corona virus and literally couldn't do anything for myself, my husband had to work every day and it was very difficult to social distance myself from my one year old but she has been my little helper. She has been helping around the house, helping with her sister and has been doing homework through it all and she is only 7 years old. She is a very bright little girl and I would love her to win this and put it towards her savings as she has been saving every penny she could get to reward herself with something nice. She will also be 8 years old this coming April so that would be an awesome gift to her as last year her birthday fell in the heart of lockdown and could not really reward her with something special. (KFM On-Air Winner)

Nompumelelo Ndlovu

  • I have 2 little Hippo hero aged 6 & 7 years old. They are all I have in this world. They make me feel like I am on top of the world. They are always willing to lend a helping hand. By profession I am a H.I.V counselor but since Covid 19 I have been retrenched from work & I've opted for selling food. We sell Dagwood, fried chips, plates and platters. My daughter's always remind me when it's 6pm because it's our closing time. They help me with sweeping the container where I cook while I wash the dishes. They help me tidy the place. I sometimes get a foot massage if I'm lucky. Buhle & Nonhlanhla Ndlovu are my Hippo Hero's. (947 Online Winner)

Kimberley Davis

  • My beautiful little girl (lexi) alexis shes in grade 2 shes only 7years old has been so brave she turned our home into her little studio , shes been giving her granny whom we live with makeovers shes done fasion shows shes even had me teach her how to sow , bags and doll clothing out of her old clothes, she also had a stage where she made her own dancing videos because she was gona be a youtube sensation then she was going to be a pop star and wrote her own little its like one sentence) but still to adorable. She really has entertained herself me and her 2 brothers (947 Online Winner)

Gabieda Abzal-Adonis

  • My little Hippo hero is my PEACH! (Gouwa). She is 11 year old, very talkative, loves dancing, playing and making videos for a make believe YouTube account ;) with my Kitten (Saarah - age 6). She brightens up my life with her everyday pep talks, business ideas, her help around the house and with her sister who follows everything she does. In Lock down she could not wait for school to reopen and was very disappointed when the dates were postponed. She came up with the idea of playing school with myself and her sister (who is not a huge fan of doing homework or anything regarding school). She would ask me to google and print activities for us to do and we even had little tests. During the Lock down I had to work overtime majority of the time and when get home she would ask how my day was (she never fails to do this) she would tell me about her day, "mommy i made sure that Kitten done some school work today, played with Barbie, ate all her food and we are bathed" just so that I "don't still have to worry about all that" Her little sister is encouraged by her to do homework and help around the house (of course they must be paid) but I don't mind because shes always reasonable with her fees, we do everything together, workouts, cooking, pray, play dress up and we love dancing on Friday and Saturday night in front of the mirror. She loves making things, very into arts and crafts, she made slime/s and sold it to the parents at her aftercare for their children for Christmas gifts, she also loves to paint but unfortunately no longer attends the art class. My Peach is the most understanding, softhearted and caring Tweenager! She does all the little things that steals my heart, explaining to Kitten why certain things like why sanitizing and wearing masks in public is important, or she does things that she knows her sister wont do just to lead by example. Without her my life would incomplete, I love her more and more everyday her laughter and love is what makes me strive to be the best version of myself all the time. Seeing her smile and being the reason she smiles makes my day complete. I Love my Peach! (KFM Online Winner)

Wesley Jeffries

  • My second child was born on the 31 March 2020, I few days after lock down started. my first born daughter has been amazing as this was new to all and especially her, she waited 3 days to see her little brother, she would be the first to call her mom via what's app too see her brother. She was so scared of the virus cause that's all she heard of that she said my brother will be safer at home. She made a massive welcome home card for her brother to keep her mind busy which took up a big wall. She is so hands on with assist with washing, getting a nappy and she so loving. The struggle was separating her from him at times. She is so alef aware of his Needs, so for me that's a hero attribute. (KFM Online Winner)

Mmabatho Mkhize

  • A brave strong ten year old boy who has witnessed so much emotional abuse from my father and was abandoned by his father this past year wasnt easy for him as I was working far now I have managed to save money got him a new school and took him. He is so happy and that makes me happy as a single parent I would love to do even simplest things for him like take him out but i can't afford that. This not so little boy is a hard worker and God fearing little man he just wants to be loved. This gift would be everything and more to my son thank you for reading my story continue to reach out to other lives God bless you so much. Be blessed (702 Online Winner)

Nuraan Abrahams

  • My 5year old son Abdus'Samad his my little hero. Since lockdown started this little garden for him to keep him busy. He was a child that was attached to me. Since lockdown everything has change. He became more independent. He would help me around the house he loves sorting out the socks. For the first time he was out with me on Saturday the 6March he enjoyed himself. He started school this year GradeR. So it's just school and back home. So on Saturday it was his first time out in the public since lockdown. He was so brave and he understood the impact the pandemic have on us. I love you my son Abdus'Samad ❤️ (CapeTalk Online Winner)

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