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Women Crush Wednesday is Tracey Lange's award-winning feature that creates a platform for women to share their uplifting stories.

Cape Town-based Catherine Wijnberg is a successful entrepreneur with immense experience in starting, growing and operating several businesses.

"I started my first business at the age of 25, and there's a long journey of highs and lows... ended up back in Cape Town back in 2000 and restarting life as a result of a divorce and losing everything,"

"I asked myself a question... 'What is it that one woman can do to make a difference?' and I realised that I have a real passion for business, I already by then had experience in starting and running about 10 businesses, in three different sectors,"

"I thought... the one way you can make a difference is by helping people to be the master of the money in their pocket — and so that led me to Fetola."

Wijnberg launched Fetola in 2006. The organisation empowers and upskills budding entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.

Listen to Tracey Lange's full conversation with Catherine Wijnberg in the audio clip below.

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Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

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