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'Tis the season of incessant and persistent telemarketing calls.

While most of us try to get off these pesky calls as quickly as possible, Darren "Whackhead" Simpson took on the challenge to try to get the call centre agent to hang up first.

Did he succeed? Listen to the prank call below to find out!

Listen to more of Whackhead's pranks below:

Neighbour won't clean up after her dog
Help, there's a bug in my nose!
He ordered glass, they sent him grass instead
Whackhead pranks the Telkom lady, aka the original Siri
Your dog's impregnated mine, now you have to pay maintenance

Catch Whackhead's Pranks, Weekdays at 8.10am on Kfm Mornings!

Image Credit: www.canva.com

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