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Every weekday on Bizboost, Carl Wastie calls up a small business owner to profile their company on The Flash Drive.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Murray Clampett started a project to build a hydroponic grow shop in a shipping container at Montebello Design Centre in Newlands.

They are now growing a wide variety of microgreens, micro herbs and edible flowers for home cooks and restaurant chefs alike. Microgreens and herbs are nutritional powerhouses that can fancy up any dish, smoothie or even a sundowner.

They might not be the only operation in Cape Town growing microgreens, but they are the only ones who don't use any soil or dirt at all to produce clean, fresh hydroponic greens.

Listen to Carl Wastie profile Little Leaf in the audio clip below.

Every weekday at 16:40, Carl Wastie interviews small business owners about their story, and the way they have had to deal with business unusual.

Photo by Russ Ward on Unsplash

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