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Women Crush Wednesday is Tracey Lange's award-winning feature that creates a platform for women to share their uplifting stories.

Kfm Mid-Mornings host Tracey Lange interviews CCID Social Development Manager, Pat Eddy, about their Hope for the Homeless campaign, launched in August 2020.

The campaign is part of the CCID's Show You Care fundraising drive.

This year particularly with the pandemic, which has affected all levels of society, it has particularly been difficult for the most vulnerable.

Pat Eddy, CCID Social Development Manager

We've partnered with six incredible NGOs and this campaign is actually asking the public to support us in trying to raise R100,000 for these NGOs.

Pat Eddy, CCID Social Development Manager

For more information and to donate to the campaign, visit www.showyoucare.co.za

Listen to Tracey's full interview with Pat Eddy in the audio clip below.

Tune in to Tracey Lange's #WCW every Wednesday between 9am - 12pm!

Images: Facebook / Cape Town Central City Improvement District | Wokandapix from Pixabay

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