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Every weekday on Bizboost, Carl Wastie calls up a small business owner to profile their company on The Flash Drive.

The Capsula Mundi Biodegradable Urn is a new environmentally friendly burial concept.

Carl Wastie called up Marketing Director, Lorna Scheepers to learn more about the concept.

We supply the biodegradable pod-shaped urn, which is a shift from the traditional wooden casket burial.

Lorna Scheepers, Capsule Mundi Marketing Director

Our South African state-owned cemeteries and parks are so overcrowded and there is a security risk attached to it so this has created the need for cremations to become more prominent than traditional burials.

Lorna Scheepers, Capsule Mundi Marketing Director

We want to shift the mindset to a more environmentally-friendly option, which is what the Capsule Mundi is.

Lorna Scheepers, Capsule Mundi Marketing Director

Learn more at www.capsulamundisa.co.za, and listen below to Carl Wastie's interview with Capsule Mundi.

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Photo by niko photos on Unsplash

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