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To South Africans, the name Vicky Sampson is synonymous with her inspirational anthem, 'Afrikan Dream'.

"It's continued to somehow regenerate that spirit and feeling of hope, and people being helping to dream of a better reality," shared Vicky in an interview with Sunday Breakfast host Saskia Falken.

In celebration of over 35 years in the entertainment industry, the iconic performer is hosting a live stream concert that fans around the world can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

'Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before' will be an evening commemorating Women's month and Vicky’s birthday.

Learn more and get your ticket on Quicket, HERE.

Listen to the full interview with Saskia Falken, below

Saskia Falken welcomes you to those easy Sunday mornings in her Sunday breakfast show, 7-10am

Image Credit: www.vickysampson.co.za

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