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Every weekday at 16:40 on The Flash Drive, Carl Wastie interviews small business owners about their story and the way they have had to deal with business unusual.

In this clip, Carl chats Willem Founder of Kiddow, an online platform that offers a range of edutainment (educational entertainment) classes, presented by qualified, professional teachers.

This whole thing started more out of necessity than really anything else...

Willem, Founder of Kiddow

I've got two little girls, one is four and the other is seven and I just saw how well they reacted to online schooling and the classes that the teachers were presenting to them and I thought well why can't we package this into something more accessible to people out there.

Willem, Founder of Kiddow

Kiddow is a live interactive online platform for qualified teachers to present 30 minutes of funfilled classes. It's not curriculum based, it's extramural and we present it on weekday afternoons.

Willem, Founder of Kiddow

To learn more about Kiddow, visit their website HERE, Instagram HERE or reach out via email at hello@kiddow.co.za

Listen to the full interview in the audio clip, below

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Image: Pixabay.com

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