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Every weekday at 16:40 on The Flash Drive, Carl Wastie interviews small business owners about their story and the way they have had to deal with business unusual.

In the audio clip below, Carl chats to Nikki of Co-Founder of Babalust.

Babalust is an online registry and shop that offers high-quality baby products sourced from local brands, recommended and reviewed by four networks of mothers.

The idea was borne after receiving countless duplicates of baby products, some of which were not needed.

Nikki and her business partner Kim then developed a tailored online platform where expectant moms and dads could create their own online checklist of baby goods that to share with friends and family while simultaneously helping local businesses thrive.

Visit the Babalust website, HERE.

Listen to the Babalust story in the audio clip, below!

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Image: Pixabay.com

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