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Through BizBoost, Carl Wastie offers small businesses in need of a boost an opportunity to market their company.

In this Clip, Carl chats to Mario of Canine Compost.

Canine Compost is a dog waste collection service and disposes of it in an environmentally friendly way by turning into compost.

There are about 9.2 million dogs in SA, so that could be over a billion kilograms of waste per year, all of it goes to a landfill and most of it covered in plastic.

Mario, Founder of Canine Compost

Even in the best-case scenario, if you use compostable bags, biodegradable bags the landfill still won't provide the right conditions for it to decompose.

Mario, Founder of Canine Compost

The service works by Canine Compost providing you with a bin with a compostable bin liner which they collect on a weekly basis.

To learn more, visit the Canine Compost Facebook Page, HERE or send an email to caninecompost@gmail.com

Listen to the audio below to hear Carl Wastie's full interview with Mario, Founder of Canine Compost!

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Image: Pexels.com

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