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Jethro Tait is back with another one!

Fleetwood Mac has had an immense impact on the music industry for several decades, inspiring fans and other musicians alike. As a way to pay tribute, many artists have created their own renditions of the band’s greatest hits. Now, up and coming singer-songwriter Jethro Tait is adding his voice with an incredible cover of one of the band’s most iconic tracks – ‘Dreams’ – written by Stevie Nicks 43 years ago!

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On Saturday, 8 August 2020, Jethro Tait joined Carl Wastie in the Kfm Top 40 to chat about the new single and how he came to rework a song that was originally released a decade-and-a-half before he was born.

The Kfm Top40 with Carl Wastie is the greatest countdown of the 40 biggest hits across the Cape! Tune in every Saturday from 10am-2pm!

Image Credit: Jethro Tait (@JethroTaitOfficial) / Facebook, 2020

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