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Every Wednesday on her mid-morning show, Tracey Lange interviews her Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW.

Joining Tracey today is Kath Brink, Founder of Little Brinks, an NPO that aims to help ensure that each and every child and baby, has a place of safety, food and clothing.

Little Brinks started in 2008 when couple Danny and Kath Brinks realized how many many children go to bed hungry or are hurt and neglected.

They decided that they needed to step in and do what they can to make their lives a little bit better.

Consequently, they started hosting Christmas parties and taking in kids in emergency situations so social workers could find them a safe long-term home.

Listen to the audio below to learn more about Little Brinks and their soup kitchen initiative and backabuddy campaign to help foster children.

We've got three daycares that have opened their doors and they're feeding kids in and around Dunoon that we go and drop off at, happily.

- Kath Brink, Founder of Little Brinks

From Strandfontein to Atlantis, we help all over as well. We're not just in Dunoon.

- Kath Brink, Founder of Little Brinks

At the moment we've got about 68 families that we're feeding weekly... Kids, we probably feed about 600 a day...

- Kath Brink, Founder of Little Brinks

For more information on how to get involved, please email littlebrinkscharity@gmail.com or visit: www.littlebrinks.co.za

Kath's 11-year-old daughter Chelsea is running a backabuddy campaign to help foster more children.

We've got a safe house at the moment. We're renting a farm in the middle of nowhere, and we fill it with six kids at a time and we rehabilitate them and try and get them into long-term foster care or back with their families.

- Kath Brink, Founder of Little Brinks

We get phone calls every day asking to take on more kids... now especially with lockdown, it's even worse. The amount of abuse and abandonment cases have skyrocketed.

- Kath Brink, Founder of Little Brinks

So Chelsea has watched this and she decided that she wanted to buy us a home so that we can take on more children and help more children...

- Kath Brink, Founder of Little Brinks

To donate to Chelsea's Dream Home, visit here backabuddy page, HERE.

Listen to Kath Brink's full interview, below...

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Image Source: BackaBuddy - Chelsea's dream home

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