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Carl Wastie has made it his mission to uplift small businesses on The Flash Drive!

Genie Johnson is the founder of Dial-a-Massage, a mobile massage service based in Cape Town.

Her passion first started 12 years ago while working in the Navy's sports department. They would often host sporting events and Genie would help athletes with muscle soreness and injuries.

After completing a massage course, she decided to start a part-time business and Dial-a-Massage was born!

If you want to alleviate stress or sore muscles, treat yourself to a pampering massage in the comfort of your own home with Dial-a-Massage.

Get in touch with Genie Johnson at geniejohnson@gmail.com

Listen to Genie's full interview with Carl Wastie, below!

BizBoost: Every weekday at 16:40, Carl Wastie interviews small business owners about their story, and the way they have had to deal with business unusual.

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