Over 5 million fabric face masks need to be donated to indigent people throughout the Western Cape province to fight against Covid-19.

The Maskathon Challenge is an initiative aimed at donating 1 million masks to those in need.

The donation drive will help underprivileged communities while also boosting the economy by stimulating local manufacturing across large and small-scale producers.

The Western Cape Government, Wesgro, the City of Cape Town, the Craft and Design Institute (CDI) and other partners have come together to make this project possible.

How can I get involved?

CapeTalk is encouraging corporates to get on board by donating money towards the Maskathon Challenge here.

Companies can also make use of Wesgro's PPE Marketplace, a database of local manufacturers that supply protective gear for businesses.

In addition, local tailors and mask producers can sign up to the Maskathon sewing circle to donate ready-made masks as well.

Support local

On Tuesday, CapeTalk host Kieno Kammies facilitated a number of pledges on his mid-morning show, from all kinds of businesses - big and small - across the province.

Contributors to the Maskathon Challenge have all highlighted the importance of supporting the local economy and saving jobs during this time of difficulty.

We are trying to spread the benefit into smaller businesses that are able to provide some masks but maybe don't have the corporate heft.

Tim Harris, CEO - Wesgro

The Maskathon Challenge is going directly to the very smallest producers across the Western Cape. That's going to make an impact in saving jobs, but also keeping money flowing into households across the Cape.

Tim Harris, CEO - Wesgro

We need to buy and think local.

Sazini Mojapelo, Head Citizenship & Community Investments - Absa Group

We want to make sure that the love is spread across big and small businesses. Jobs are needed in smaller CMT shops.

Stephan Claassen, FNB Provincial Head

It's what South Africa is all about, to look after the poor and the vulnerable.

Francious Pienaar, CEO - Advent Sport Entertainment and Media

The greatest challenge we face is not the coronavirus, the greatest challenge we face is unemployment and the need for jobs.

Philip Krawitz, Chairman - Cape Union Mart

Are you interested in supporting this initiative? Visit maskathon.co.za to help make a difference.

Your order will help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, create much-needed job opportunities, and boost the economy.

If you wish to donate and be part of the Maskathon Challenge, please click here.

7 ways the Maskathon Challenge is making a positive social impact:

  • By helping curb the spread of Covid-19

  • By leveraging the power of corporate networks to part-fund cloth masks in underprivileged communities
  • By mitigating job losses and generating new jobs

  • By reinvigorating dormant textile and manufacturing businesses

  • By creating new opportunities for SMMEs

  • By reducing the need for imports and maximising export opportunities through stimulating the production of cloth masks for SA by SA

  • By being responsible corporate citizens

Listen to Kieno Kammies share more about the initiative and accept pledges on-air:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Local businesses get behind the Western Cape's maskathon donation drive

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