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Every Wednesday on her mid-morning show, Tracey Lange interviews her Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW.

This week, Tracey Lange chats to Kelly du Plessis, the CEO of non-profit organisation, Rare Diseases South Africa.

Rare Diseases SA plays a fundamental role in bridging the gap between vulnerable communities and medical advancement for improved quality of life.

Rare Diseases South Africa is a registered non-profit organisation, and we focus on patient advocacy... essentially speaking, if you are a patient who has been diagnosed with a rare condition, and you are wanting to either access treatment, or get referred to an appropriate centre that has experience with your condition or you just simply want to engage with other people who are impacted by the same thing, then you make contact with us and we help you do all of those things.

- Kelly du Plessis – CEO, Rare Diseases South Africa

The current situation is relatively bleak, I think being a healthcare NGO we are largely reliant on there being relative resources available from a state sector perspective, and we know that a lot of the health budget has been redirected now to COVID specific responses...

- Kelly du Plessis – CEO, Rare Diseases South Africa

... the issue is that chronically ill patients that were present up until the day COVID arrived, haven't simply disappeared overnight...

- Kelly du Plessis – CEO, Rare Diseases South Africa

... we rely largely on personal giving, so every day South Africans donating R100-R200 per month, we rely on small and medium enterprise businesses who make donations in line with their CSI responsibility, and unfortunately the economic downturn is not allowing for any of that to happen...

- Kelly du Plessis – CEO, Rare Diseases South Africa

... from an events perspective, we can't congregate, we can't have gala dinners, you can't have sport events such as the Two Oceans Marathon which is something that many charities are reliant on... so it's really left us in a vulnerable position...

- Kelly du Plessis – CEO, Rare Diseases South Africa

For more information on Rare Diseases South Africa, and to donate towards their fund, visit www.rarediseases.co.za

Listen to Kelly du Plessis' full interview with Tracey Lange, in the audio below...


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