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Nedbank Young Professionals is a 9-part podcast published by Life Podcasts and presented by Afripreneur, Vumi Msweli. The podcast features a new breed of young professionals having frank and interesting conversations about their relationships with money. For more insights that money can’t buy, subscribe to the series.

Award-winning TV producer, Sibusiso Ngobeni is one of South Africa’s most influential young professionals and, his passion for telling stories and engaging audiences through outstanding content has garnered respect from every corner of the media industry.

After graduating from AFDA, Sibusiso ventured into television after a challenging search for opportunities within the film industry – a small, closed industry that is known to work on word of mouth.

He went on to produce impactful productions such as Kick It, a hard-hitting series that followed musician and TV personality, Kabelo Mabalane into the world of substance abuse, which later won the Best Factual and Educational Programme award at the SAFTAs.

A word of advice to young professionals:

Despite producing South Africa's biggest show, Sibusiso suffered from imposter syndrome – a psychological pattern in which one doubts one's accomplishments and has a persistent internalised fear of being exposed as a "fraud." It wasn't until after winning the award that he decided to believe and, bet on himself. He went from thriving in the background to stepping into his own light.

His advice to young professionals who find themselves in the same position, suffering from impostor syndrome and doubting their talents: "When someone says you’re good at what you do, take it and own it… and, make sure that you exploit that."

Spending habits: The good, the bad and all the lessons Sibusiso has learnt about money

As an entrepreneur and freelancer, Sibusiso has always had a good idea of how to preserve and grow money. He shares tips on how you can create positive financial habits, especially when working as a freelancer in an unconventional profession.

1. Draw up a budget every month of the income you're expecting to get

2. Manage your budget on a week-to-week basis

3. Put money aside by saving in a tax-free bank account

You have to put money aside… Even if you get R50 a month, make sure that at least R10 of that R50 is put aside and, you can break up that R10 into different savings pockets.

Sibusiso Ngobeni, Director and Producer – Engage Entertainment

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