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Nedbank Young Professionals is a 9-part podcast published by Life Podcasts and presented by Afripreneur, Vumi Msweli. The podcast features a new breed of young professionals having frank and interesting conversations about their relationships with money. For more insights that money can’t buy, subscribe to the series.

A citizen of the world, Hetty Boachie-Yiadom was born to academic parents in the Republic of Moldova in Russia. But, despite her international upbringing, she sees the world through the lenses of an African — not surprising since she and her husband ventured into an African print clothing business that quickly blossomed into South Africa's biggest online website dedicated to modern traditional wear.

However, her success didn't come without challenges and sacrifices. The natural-born entrepreneur made the decision to step off the corporate ladder in order to pursue her passion for African fashion, not just to celebrate her Africanness but to revolutionise an industry that typically exists within the informal sector.

"I really want our business to also be a reflection of black excellence."

A word of advice to young professionals

Corporate and side hustle — how do you marry the two? It was no leap of faith. In fact, Hetty juggled her corporate job as a banker while patiently growing and nurturing her side hustle. When it was stable enough to embark on a full-time entrepreneurial journey, Hetty and her husband pursued their dreams of creating a legacy business that they could be proud of.

Her advice to young professionals attempting to start a side hustle: "Don't be limited by how society says you should live your life. If you want to become an entrepreneur, imagine a life for yourself in which you are the greatest entrepreneur that you could ever imagine and start putting the steps in place today in order to realise that in future."

Spending habits: The good, the bad and all the lessons Hetty has learnt about money

As an entrepreneur, Hetty does not subscribe to the broke entrepreneur narrative. Starting out, she and her husband survived on 40% of their household income while the rest of their funds were pumped into their self-funded business and, for this reason, she believes that the key to financial freedom is having multiple streams of income. She shares tips on how you can create positive financial habits.

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