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20 December 2019 / 1.30pm / I am Movement / Franschhoek

Holiday yoga program specialized for children.

Each day we will do a 45 min yoga session which is done in the form of a story where we will travel the seas and meet all the ocean creatures or venture into the jungle and meet Baloo and his friends.

After our yoga session, we will have 45 mins of games and fun where the children can mingle and make friends.


When we stretch our bodies, we stretch our minds too. Yoga helps us be more open and receptive to the world around us. Our aim and responsibility as educators and parents should be to equip our children with the skills to deal with the difficulties of life.

With the fast pace lives, children are living it allows them very little time to "check-in" with themselves. Yoga creates a space for children to do that and create a habit of them wanting to be in tune with themselves and understand the importance of being able to identify their feelings.

Yoga classes create a supportive and non-competitive environment which garners their self-esteem and confidence, lessening internal conflict and self-compassion. A healthier and more in touch child with a non-competitive outlet, which is specifically designed to deal with emotional issues allows for kids to deal with bullying, not bullying themselves and be more integrated, functional individuals within themselves and within their community.

Children's yoga classes are much more active and fun than adults yoga. Children learn best when they are having fun so classes include games, poses, songs, dancing, and always have a captivating and educational storyline. This allows children to learn through all of their senses - kinaesthetic, visual, verbal and interpersonal learning.

Each session is created in an age-appropriate way.

AGE GROUP TIMES 3 - 7 years old - 13:30 to 15:00 7 - 12 years old - 15:30 to 17:00 COST R150 per session R600 for the week

TRANSPORT: We are aware that many parents may be working over this time and getting your children to the venue may be a headache so don't stress about that for an extra cost we can collect your children from your house in a shuttle and return them to you afterwards as well

Please specify in your email when you contact us to book if you will need this service.

NB *Maximum 10 children per class so book early to secure your spot
Email: jasmin@iammovement.me Whatsapp: 082 212 719


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