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As Christmas gets closer, the stress of finding the perfect gift for your loved ones starts to intensify and, with so many personalities to cater for and so little time, it’s safe to assume that right now, you’re probably frantically shopping around.

While you’re at it – if you want to be regarded as the best gift-giver that ever lived… there’s one important thing to remember and that is: no amount of festive wrapping paper can cover up the blow after receiving a disappointing gift on Christmas morning.

So, to help you out (and because we love cool things), we’ve put together a list of super-cool gift ideas that we think is so fun and the obvious, but best choice if you don’t have a ton of cash to blow on luxury items.


Sock it for everyone

There’s a lot of things you don’t realise when you’re adulting but, the big one? You love socks. Socks are the best thing ever. You don’t just become the person that gifts socks every year but, you actually want socks for Christmas… Listen, socks are the best – they’re fun, they keep your feet warm and, let me tell you – the funkier, the better!

… for the child at heart

What does hamburgers, carrots and reindeers have in common? Socks, of course. Well, they don’t wear them but, your friends should. If your style-conscious bestie’s trying to do a wardrobe overhaul in 2019, be a good friend and, help them spice up their boring corporate look with a fun, colourful collector’s set of Limited Edition Happy Socks.

… for the athletic ones

Who says you can’t be sporty and stylish at the same time? Help your athletic fam sprint their way to top of the scoreboard with an athletic sock made with a comfortable cotton and elastane blend, that will stand out on the sports field.

… and, for the kids

We’ll take all the giggles we can get… To make the little ones smile on Christmas morning, slip in a collection of playful dolphin print socks along with a cute little toy, of course – and, watch their faces light up with unadulterated joy.

Making a splash with swimwear

When the sun’s out and, you know what that means… Everyone’s trying to turn heads on the beach in the summertime. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your summer-loving friends, give them the gift of funky swimwear and help them have a splashtastic time at the sea.

Underneath all the layers

So, this one might not be for the whole family… If you want to the lady in your life to go bananas over your Christmas present, you could gift her a two pack underwear gift box and, for the special guy – perhaps, a playful Happy Socks origami designed gift box from Netflorist? Either way, they’re going to love your suggestion.

If you're in need of a good stocking filler, nothing will knock the socks off your loved ones quite like one of these awesome gifts.

Available online store and in-store at Shehsa.

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